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Last year I had lunch with a young French FIDE master among others in Brownsville that was on a scholarship. How many FIDE masters has the valley produced in the last 25 years in their scholastic program? None that I am aware of. 

My 13 year old stepson won a game last summer over 2200. I coached him in his early elementary years and when he showed an ability to play I looked for a coach. I realized nobody in the valley with the exception of GM Barteck was strong enough to teach him we went outside the valley and have been happy with the Skype lessons. There are a lot of coaches between 1600 and 2200 in the valley that I could have looked at but I didn't want the grandmaster coach to have to redo the mistakes that a low rated chess coach  (under 2300) would undoubtedly impart on the student.

My personal advice is at the early levels of chess, it is about the amount of time the student spends in front of a coach, not the amount of money you spend. Pick a coach that works well with students and costs are reasonable knowing if they do well you are going to hire a grandmaster. One way to find the grandmaster is join ICC chess they have a list of coaches from around the world that will Skype lessons. I would pick a reasonable priced coach.
Is your child likely to recieve a full ride scholarship.   NO but that doesn't mean it hurts to try don't sell the farm to try and make it happen. 

-George Rohrer
TCA Region X Director

Region X is comprised of Hidalgo and Starr country. The current Regional director is Mr. George Roher. 

George Roher can be emailed at enpassantchess2015@gmail.com 

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