Welcome to Region 10 of the Texas Chess Association Website!

Another School year is about to begin and the season of summer chess camps are over. I hope everyone enjoyed their summer break.

Region X will be host the Regional tournament this year at La Joya High School on January 20 and 21. Victor Bailey has hosted large Regional tournaments in Region 8 with success. La Joya is excited to be the location for this year's regional tournament. It should make for a great region tournament.

Region X will also be the host for the South Texas State tournament at Edinburg North High School on March 3rd and 4th. International Grandmaster Timur Gareev (holder of several blindfold world records) will be playing blitz all weekend with participants. Timur does a great job with young people, please consider visiting him! Texas will have 2 State tournaments this year, you are encouraged to go to both. The next two years there will only be one State tournament. Next year's State will be in Dallas. This year's South State will have free holding rooms and the entry fee is being dropped to $40/ We hope to accomodate all players that wish to play at State. You are encouraged to enter early to insure your place in the tournament. 

I will start out the year with a workshop for teachers in the Edinburg School District. It will start out with Russell Harwood, the new co-chair of the USCF Scholastic Committee. Russ Harwood is now Region X Scholastic Representative for the Texas Chess Association. If your school district is interested in a workshop for your school district, please contact me. This is a free service.

-George Rohrer
TCA Region X Director

Region X is comprised of Hidalgo and Starr country. The current Regional director is Mr. George Roher. 

George Roher can be emailed at enpassantchess2015@gmail.com 

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